LAW & ORDER: SVU “Reparations” Review

LAW & ORDER: SVU "Reparations" Season 12 Episode 20 – This one’s tough. Really tough. At the bottom of this review I have a call, a cry of distress, a clarion for the aid of all loyal SVU fans to help me on this one.

The writing was abysmal. Christine M. Torres needs to be burned in effigy for the Bizarro Universe story that was concocted about racial divisions so mind-boggling and contrived it felt like it belonged on a Chick Tract hate pamphlet rather than on my television. And yet the acting was (for the most part) so convincing I found myself just going along with most of the absurdity. Seriously.

So here’s my view of how this whole story went: It begins with a black woman (Afton Williamson) who’s dating a white guy (no clue) and has a white roommate (Virginia Kull), mostly because she (obviously) dislikes other black people, possibly partly because of the shame she feels for her younger brother (Kevin Mambo), who has mental and emotional issues. Read More...


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