SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND “This Game Respects Big Moves” Review

Survivor: Redemption Island "This Game Respects Big Moves", Season 22 Episode 8 – This week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island opened with the post-tribal Zapatera talking about voting out Sarita and being down to five. The Russell fanboy inside me feels very vindicated by all of the turmoil that has beset Zapatera ever since they voted out my favorite player. However, it looked like their troubles were about to change as the final Duel brought about a merge of the two tribes.

So let’s talk about that Duel. My first thought was the same that I’m sure many of you had, which was "How terrible is Matt’s luck that he gets stuck with the single worst challenge for a foot injury?" My next thought was "There’s no way he’s going to outlast Sarita on this, girls always win this challenge!" However, my final thought was "How clutch is Matt?" Seriously! I don’t want to start throwing around superlatives too early here, but this guy has got to be one of the best challenge performers in the games history. I know that they’re all one on one challenges, but to win six in a row is downright incredible. That puts Matt into the same breath for me as Colby, Ozzy, Boston Rob, and recent inductee Fabio. Read More...


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