Survivor: Redemption Island 22.08 "This Game Respects Big Moves" Recap

The episode begins on Night 18 at Zapatera.  Mike says Sarita took he ouster like a champ.  Julie thought Sarita was the weakest link and had to go.  Ralph admits he was the one who voted for David, and tries to explain himself, but David said it was OK.  Over at Redemption Island, Sarita arrives; Matt doesn't think she's too tough.  He asks about the horror stories he's heard about Zapatera.  Sarita says they are all good people, and lists off her former tribemates' attributes.  Matt confesses that although Sarita is nice, he's going to beat her.

The next morning at Ometepe, Tree Mail arrives.  Rob tells the tribe that they are all to go to RI Arena.  Immediately, the players figure it will be the final Duel, and Phillip believes The Merge is going to occur.  He confides that it's a whole new game because Ometepe has the numerical advantage.  Further, he's happy to stay with Ometepe.  At Zapatera, David figures it will be the final Duel and then the Merge, as well.  Mike says he is ready to sink his teeth into Rob.  At RI, Matt is nervous about the Duel because he cut his foot pretty bad.  He hopes that the Duel won't be one where he has to stand for an extended time.  Read More...


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