MODERN FAMILY ''Strangers on a Treadmill'' Review Season 2, Episode 4

Mitchell and Claire are one of my favorite pairings, and they are completely full of win here. De dork, You owe me a murder. Of course Mitchell would be the one to not only bail on the swap an embarrassment intervention deal but actually expose it. As a side note, I hate when people say You've never read/seen/eaten in that horrified squeak, so Team Claire on that one.

Love Cam's blurry shorts. I'm leaning toward the park. I can see that. Heh. I hate that Cam's feelings were hurt, but how fast did I hate your beard come out of his mouth? Such a good fight funny, real, and we get a sweet (with no hype, which makes me even happier) kiss during the make-up portion. Then comes the shoulder misunderstanding. Ouch. Oh, Mitchell, indeed.

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