'Justified' 2.09 'Brother's Keeper' Recap and Review

Everyone's getting ready for Mags Bennett's big get-together, including Loretta (the underrated Kaitlyn Dever), who wonders if her absent father's asked about her, and if she can talk to him next time he calls. No, that's not awkward at all. Mags deflects the questions without missing a beat, but the cute-yet-slightly-creepy moment is interrupted by Coover (who else?). He leaves as quickly as he arrived, but not before he overhears Mags telling Loretta that she has "no excuse" for him, and referring to her as "a dream come true." It goes without saying that our resident not-so-smart dude with a tendency toward aggression (remember, he beat up a hungover Raylan last week) doesn't take that well.

The party gets underway, but Doyle Bennett isn't happy to see Boyd and Ava (and Joelle Carter looks amazing) arrive. "Your mama needs to hear what I got to say," Boyd tells him, which gets Doyle to relent. Not long after that, Raylan turns up, still in charge of Black Pike exec Carol Johnson (Rebecca Creskoff), who's still scheming. She also manhandles a guy who tries to put his hands on her. Meanwhile, Raylan is not fond of a twenty-one-year-old who's trying to chat up Loretta. Things might look fun, but everyone's still as two-faced as ever. Read More...



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