Viva La Jenna! 'The Vampire Diaries' Sara Canning talks Jenna and Alaric


Ladies... what would you do if your boyfriend's ex showed up on your doorstep just moments after he promised you she was dead?"And sealed it with an 'I love you,'" adds "The Vampire Diaries" star Sara Canning when we visited her on set. Her character, Jenna, found herself in an uncomfortable (and terrifying) position in the February cliffhanger, and on tonight's episode, we'll finally see the fall-out of Isobel's arrival."Elena's at the door too, so we're going to see that be dealt with first," Canning says. "That's not going to be an easy explanation to Jenna, I don't think."Jenna and Alaric definitely have a rough road ahead as everything he's hidden from her comes to the surface. Could their relationship truly be over so soon after he dropped the L-word? "From the cliffhanger I think we can assume that things are going to look kind of bleak," Canning says. "Maybe they'll work something out. I...


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