'Bones': The agony of de-feet... doctor


Look how happy she is! And we are too. Why? Because we made it. After a tumultuous season interrupted by heartbreak, frustrations and well, interruptions, we enter a seven-episode stretch of new "Bones" that will take us to that potentially game-changing finale.Dare we think of what that might mean? Not yet. There are two way too disgusting things that demand our attention first: feet (gross in any context) and a body farm. The closest thing to Disneyland for Brennan (Emily Deschanel), body farms are real facilities, run by universities, in which human remains are studied in various states of decomposition. The fact that this is our first time hearing of them six seasons is another shining example of the kind of restraint our "Bones" crew possesses.  Romance, pregnancies and interpersonal issues within the Jeffersonian gang are almost completely sidelined tonight, so it's going to be a squint-heavy recap. Onward! For the squints:We start off our...



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