BONES Recap: ‘The Feet on the Beach’

Hello BONES fans! Here we are at the start of what promises to be seven straight new episodes, and I’m excited for that!

In this week’s episode, "The Feet on the Beach," I found myself scratching my head in confusion a few times, mainly because I felt as if I should be learning some sort of lesson. And yet, at the end of the episode, I was left with more questions and a frown.

A lot of characters seemed to be taking the moral high ground but based on their own sets of standards and ideals. And when it came down to it, those differing opinions all combined to make me feel as if no one was right. Was Cam too hard on Sweets? Was he too hard on her? Did she get off easy with Michelle? Did Booth and Brennan come to any sort of agreement, or were their differences as magnified as ever? While Dr. Filmore WAS slighted and needed to speak to Brennan about it, did he have the right to say what he did to Brennan (and confront her in the way he did)? Were the discrepancies of opinion the point, or was it a case of failed attempts by the writers to show that the characters WERE in fact learning? Did I just miss it? Read More...


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