THE MENTALIST “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Review

THE MENTALIST "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" Season 3 Episode 19 – The owner of a top-notch dating agency is found shot to death and Jane finds himself immediately enthralled by the man’s widow (played to perfection by guest star Morena Baccarin).

The whole time I watching this episode, I couldn’t figure out if Erica was playing Jane because she wanted to keep him shaken up and unable to pin her for her husband’s murder, or if she really had feelings for him, too. She really had me going the whole time. Every facial expression could be read either way and this was one of the few times where I was truly clueless who the killer might actually be until the very end, thanks to the wonderful job done by both Baker and Baccarin in their roles.

Meanwhile, Rigsby ends up meeting someone new thanks to the case taking place in and around a dating agency. This nicely takes his attention off of Van Pelt but the only trouble is, it looks like Van Pelt isn’t quite as pleased as a woman who is engaged to someone else should be. Do I detect some feelings still lingering there? Read More...


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