THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Herb Garden Germination” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Herb Garden Germination" Season 4 Episode 20 - After learning that Bernadette is thinking about breaking up with Howard, Penny tells Amy in confidence. Amy, however, decides to tell Sheldon, who tells Leonard, who tells Priya, who tells Raj (who, we learn, has a massive crush on Bernadette).

Intrigued by this propagation of information, Sheldon and Amy set up a social experiment reminiscent of the movie ‘Gossip’. There’s a juicy piece of gossip – Sheldon and Amy had sex – and a dull piece of control gossip – Amy’s starting a herb garden. It takes less than twenty-four hours for everyone to find out the former while the latter is ignored. They decide to up the ante with the second wave of gossip: Amy’s getting orthotics – oh, and she’s pregnant. We can guess that last rumor spreads like wildfire. Read More...


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