NIKITA “Covenant” Review

NIKITA "Covenant" Season 1 Episode 17 - Five years ago Nikita and Michael knew how to play nice. Now misunderstandings have them at each other’s throats, first as enemies, then as friends with benefits. Michael uses Nikita to find Kasim. She tries to use Michael to get the black boxes andnames of guardians. Michael’s backstory is the main theme running behind tonight’s episode ofNIKITA. "Covenant" integrates the main plot of catching Kasim with a constant recap of major points from past episodes. This slowed down the usually fast-moving story line and action that I’ve come toenjoy about Nikita. On the bright side, the show has returned to its initial darker and feisty image of Nikita, leaving behind the CW teen party scene for the time being.

How and when will they deal with the character of Alex? I was confused because we know that she wants to get out of Division, but obviously isn’t yet, since there hasn’t been an attempt on her life. However she is gallivanting around with Nathan. Shouldn’t she be at work, or at least hiding from her fellow agents? And hasn’t Division caught on yet? Or is it just her day off? Do they get days off from killing? Read More...


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