BONES “The Feet on the Beach” Review

BONES "The Feet on the Beach" Season 6 Episode 17 – We don’t often get to see Bones excited, but in this episode we found out what makes her as giddy as a schoolgirl. Bodies. Lots and lots of disgusting, rotting, putrid bodies. The way she acted when that one blew up, you would have thought that someone had just given her a prize. It was classic Bones – that childish enthusiasm for something that not too many people (and pretty much no one else on the team, including Booth) could understand.

The other thing that some people don’t understand about Bones is her need to be truthful. It’s taken a few years but everyone in the group has her figured out. Even Sweets, and that’s after she basically called his field of expertise a waste of time. Read More...


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