The Vampire Diaries: "Know Thy Enemy" Review

The Vampire Diaries returned with an episode packed with enough double and triple crosses that it was almost hard to keep track of them all. Since a lot of the characters on this show are duplicitous on a normal day, numerous betrayals should be expected in any episode. However, one or two packed more than the usual punch. 

Since it was to be expected that Katherine would betray Stefanand Damon, it was a little frustrating that they let her roam around their house freely, with the valuable moonstone in such a bad hiding place. I wish the writers had written that scene in a way that didn't make Damon look quite so foolish. On the other hand, putting Elena on the deed to their house, thus creating a safe haven for her, was smart, so that balanced out a little of the earlier stupidity.  Read More...


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