Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #26 - Review

This is it. It's the big finale. The Einst Leader has possessed the White Star, and placed some sort of energy field over the Earth, the obvious intention being to destroy it. So, it is left to the remaining EFA forces, and, oddly, the sole survivor of the Shadow Mirror, Captain Axel, to fight the Einst. It must be time for everyone to pull out their super secret special premium weapons. We get all that, and I especially liked the armored knight on horseback combination of Sanger and Elzam, you can't top that for pure cheese value. Of course, while they blast, cut, and bomb the Einst Leader affixed to the White Star until it seems to disappear, that was just the opening act. Next comes Beowulf, the overpowered Einst-infected version of Kyousuke Nanbu from the Shadow Mirror universe. Of course, as this is equivalent to the final boss battle, Beowulf and Kyousuke have some overly opaque expository dialogue, while we have lots of transformations and battles. In many ways, the final episode plays like a highlight reel for the entire series. Overly complex plot threads. Calling out special attacks. It sounds like they even made use of everyone special music tracks from the game. The end was never in doubt, and you can watch it for yourself.  Read More...


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