Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #50 - Review

The Cabernet, having gained the strength it needs from absorbing Lawrence's heart, turns and heads for Amberground's artificial sun. If nothing is done to stop it, the sun will fall and the world will lose its light - and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that that would be a Bad Thing-'. With Gauche seriously injured, it seems to be falling on Lag to be the one to deal with the Cabernet - with the added incentive that his mother will be waiting for him at the sun. And so Lag, carrying with him the hopes of everyone in Yuusari Central, undertakes one more delivery...Gaaah. The thing that most drew me to Tegami Bachi across both its seasons was the setting - it seems to be an artificial world, with an artificial sun, and what this season reveals about it is really, really intriguing stuff. I wanted to know more about that side of things and, early in the season, the storyline seemed to be going in that direction - and I was loving it at that stage, in anticipation of the big reveal about this fascinating world. Read More...



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