'Nikita' 1.17 'Covenants' Recap and Review

Welcome back, Nikita. Now what?

Five years ago, we were in St. Petersburg, Russia, because all sorts of spy stuff happens in Russia. Nikita nearly shoots Michael when he shows up unannounced to help her with a mission. Back in the present day (picking up immediately from the end of "Echoes"), they are much less happy to see one another. He forces her to completely disarm - like that's really going to help him much - and accuses her of working for Gogol, the Russian spy organization. He tells her that if she doesn't get him Kasim's location in the next twenty-four hours, he's going to "feed Alex to Amanda."  Oh, and he shoots her computer for measure on the way out, informing an emotional Nikita, "There is no us. There never was."

That's cold, dude. But completely understandable at the same time, which is what makes it freaky. Read More...



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