Love Lie to me!

I truly love this show! I know it's not for everyone because it actually takes a thought process to watch but that's why it's great. It's not another mind-numbing reality show or whatever that stupid one is out with actors playing pranks on 'regular people.' This one has a meaning. It shows how everyone lies, even the white lies, but they really should be more careful for you never know what those lies could cause. Love this show really hope it keeps going!


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May 7, 2009 12:32AM EDT

With you there, I totally love this show. I love this show just because I can learn something interesting while having a great time. I always wanted to know the tell tale signs of someone being untruthful and how to make me more believable also, lol. I really hope it survives the itchy fingers of someone wanting to pull a plug on a show.

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