Recap One Life To Live: Tue, November 09, 2010

Brandon Buddy, Kristen Alderson"One Life to Live" Set ABC StudiosNew York 9/22/10┬ęGeorge De Sota/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 10807air date 11/9/10

Gigi calls Rex from Paris to tell him who beautiful the city is as Cristian interrupts Layla and Adriana's lunch. Layla throws herself into Cristian's arms, squealing as Adriana chats with Kelly on her phone. She would be so jealous of them if she didn't have her own romance going on! As Layla and Cristian kiss, Adriana joins Gigi for lunch. She flaunts her sophisticated superiority by ordering lunch for Gigi in French and offering to give Gigi some sample couture. When in Paris, one must eat and dress like a local! Gigi grumbles, barely containing her annoyance as Adriana gloats that Gigi can thank her. She was responsible for getting Rex and Gigi back together. Not only did she kiss Rex the last time she was in Llanview and urge him to fight for her, she knows they haven't slept together yet. Humiliated Gigi calls Rex, yells at him and hangs up. 

Rex enters the steam room to find Brody brooding. What's going on, buddy? Brody vents about his situation with Jessica. Rex admits he and Gigi haven't had sex since they got back together, thanks to Rex sleeping with Stacy. Sleeping with someone's sister is like the eighth deadly sin! Brody gulps, obviously thinking about Natalie.  Read More...


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