'American Idol': Voting methods, judges are to blame for the girls' downfall


"American Idol" has a problem. We've all seen it the past several seasons. The female contestants as a group cannot compete with the male contestants. Is it because they are less talented? No.The main problem is that the voting methods have changed. In the first few seasons of "Idol," the only voting method was to call in. There were no text votes, there was no online voting. Therefore older fans were on a level playing field with younger fans. Let's be honest - older fans do not by and large know how to text or are on Facebook.My mother is a prime example. She loves "Idol." She votes. She actually takes notes about who she liked and writes down their numbers and will vote multiple times for people she thought did the best job. But therein lies the rub. "Multiple times" for my mother is like 10 because A) there are busy signals and B)...



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