'Supernatural' Season 6: Soullessness, the mother of all evil, and more


Season 6 of "Supernatural" has certainly been a brand new adventure, for fans and for the brothers Winchester. Now that the spring hiatus is nearly over and a brand new episode is just days away, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles give us a helpful recap of the season so far in the videos below.Unlike previous seasons, Season 6 has been somewhat divided into chapters. The first part of the season focused on capturing alpha monsters and getting Sam's soul back from hell. Now, in the second part of the season, Sam and Dean are focused on killing the Mother of All, Eve, who threatens to destroy the world with her ever-growing army of monsters. And then there are the angels."Season 6 has been a really fun, cool departure," Padalecki says. "The angels now have gotten fed up with Sam and Dean and how they keep throwing a wrench in the system, so now angels are...



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