'The Real Housewives of Orange County' recap: Timing is Everything

Haven't we already done the episode where Vicki wants the biggest boat in the marina? She's sick and tired of her family making fun of her all the time for working so hard. How are you going to ride around in the biggest boat checking your email if you don't work until 1am every night? She'd carved out a full day for relaxation and made sure to coordinate it with the Bravo producers. Ready for fun time, family?

Hey, what's with lazy fishermen? Go buy your tilapia at the market, you lazy moron! Shut up, Ma. Um, Brianna, Brianna babe, lay off the pinot grigio. Remember your father is a drunk. Can it, Ma. Brianna and Michael and Donn were kind of an adorable, buzzed little family unit. And then there was Vicki, who used to sew and knit, and now wishes every conversation could somehow circle back to insurance. Oh Vicki, you really were Captain Obnoxious all episode. And by the way, your son Michael called you obnoxious. Not Donn. (He just cackled a little and at this point sweetie, who can blame him? And that's coming from a Vicki fan.) I wanted to throw my wine glass at the TV when she so unceremoniously dismissed both her dog and her husband from her office. She just wants respect is all. (Sad cut to Donn walking away with Walter and a sodden dog bed.) Her work family gives her that acknowledgment. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU PAY THEM, YOU IDIOT. And the best way for a boss to earn respect is to spank her employees and fuss like a hen over their shirt sizes. Get out while you can, Reese! Read More...



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