'The Celebrity Apprentice': Mark McGrath gets run over by a Busey


We're sure that when Gary Busey walks back into the TV room after surviving Sunday's (April 10) boardroom on "The Celebrity Apprentice," the men's team will have a collective stroke. Not only have they lost pop-rocker Mark McGrath, one of their best players, but now they still have who they perceive to be their worst player still around.To quickly recap, the teams were asked to create an outside attraction using a glass box and its surroundings to market Australian Gold sunscreen products. The men did their usual risky take on the challenge by going with a pirate theme and the idea of found treasure. The women also went with their usual M.O. and translated the company's marketing theme literally and in line with the company's current advertising with several outdoors scenes, their Koala Bear mascot and bikini-clad girls in gold.The company liked the men's ingenuity, but didn't feel their marketing message was used much in...



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