'The Amazing Race' recap: Looking for holy men in all the wrong places

Seek and ye…may not find.

Unfortunately, that was Ron’s great ordeal last night on leg seven. As Darren pointed out last time, Ron fits into the Connoisseur archetype on The Amazing Race, someone who is ever willing to seek and sample but is inherently distrustful of others. It can lead to tunnel vision and a fracturing of the team spirit needed to win. Was there not something poetic—almost Sisyphus-like—in Ron’s unending wandering through the perfumed streets of Varanasi looking for holy men?

But I get ahead of myself. First, an introduction is in order. My name is Christian Blauvelt, and I’ll be your tour guide/Jungle Cruise skipper this week through the heart of India. Your regular docent, Darren Franich, is on a quest of his own. A road trip to New Orleans, to be precise, with our fellow EW colleague Keith Staskiewicz. But while they’re sampling jambalaya and slow-shuffling to "Just a Closer Walk With Thee," let me take you back to Kolkata, city of 15 million people and our sixth pitstop. Read More...



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