THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Ship’rect” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW "Ship’rect" Season 2 Episode 19 – Tonight’s episode of The ClevelandShow has Cleveland and his friends entering Stoolbend’s annual boat race in an attempt to win free beer for a year.

The guys put together a shoddy raft with foot paddles to enter the race and start practicing, but their team falls apart after Cleveland meets his Stoolbend idol, Barry Shadwell. Cleveland turns into a blubbering fan boy and makes every attempt to get into Barry’s life. Barry invites Cleveland to join his team for the boat race which puts Cleveland in a tough position to choose between his friends and his idol. Luckily Cleveland can rely on the advice of Daryl Hall and John Oates who are the angel and devil of Cleveland’s conscience. Their bickering was hilarious and their input ultimately sways Cleveland to decide that nothing really matters and that he should do whatever he wants. Read More...


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