HOUSE “The Dig” Advance Review

HOUSE "The Dig" Season 7 Episode 18 - After a couple weeks of repeats, HOUSE returns for its 150th episode, complete with the long absent Thirteen. I’ve seen "The Dig," and despite the absence of Cuddy and Wilson, it’s one of the better installments this season as the Huddy melodrama fades into the background (it’s mentioned, as is Domenika, but the references are deftly handled) with good character moments and some genuine emotion.

I don’t think it’s a spoiler at this point to say that Thirteen has been in prison for the last six months (oh, and in House time, Thirteen has been gone for a year.) and House greets her in style before proceeding to take her on a road trip to a spud gun competition. The first words aren’t uttered until after the credits, and while House has the privilege, they could just as easily have been uttered by viewers. "So, what did you do?" The mystery of what Thirteen did is treated very much like a medical case as House collects pieces of the puzzle and slowly puts them together. The inevitable and very-thankfully-platonic House/Thirteen bonding is surprisingly organic. Olivia Wilde doesn’t overplay the drama and getting Thirteen genuinely invested in winning the competition is a great choice, as is a fun western spoof. Toward the end of the episode, House utters one line that makes me snarl because it evokes Amber more than Thirteen, but overall, Thirteen’s return is handled much better than I expected, right down to a genuinely touching moment to close out the episode. Read More...


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