BOB’S BURGERS “Burger Wars” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Burger Wars" Episode 10 – After hearing the fantastic news that Bob’s Burgerswas picked up for a second season, I was finally able to watch an episode without the anxiety lurking in the back of my mind that the show would get canceled before I had my fill. Tonight’s episode came together wonderfully and I felt like the details that were put into characters in earlier episodes worked to make the unusual community around Bob’s Burgers come to life tonight.

It turns out that Bob’s beef with Jimmy Pesto is a long standing feud between the two patriarchs. This is the second episode that focuses on Bob’s rivalry with Jimmy Pesto and I like that it seems to be an unresolved issue that will likely reappear in later episodes. Bob, who uses high quality ingredients and treats his burger making as a craft, is offended by Jimmy Pesto’s model of running a restaurant like a business. Besides being a generally obnoxious person, Jimmy’s restaurant is always filled with customers who show up for his gimmicks and deals which just makes Bob even more upset. Read More...


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