Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Turf Wars" Episode 5

Drop your buffs, because it's time for a tribe shake-up! Jeff Probst broke the news a little early to the remaining 16 castaways this week, and not everybody was thrilled with the new company, especially Marty. The episode begins with Marty gloating about his successful ousting of Jimmy T and how he is now solidly in control of the older Espada tribe. His confidence is shattered when the tribes meet at the reward challenge and shuffle up, with Jane, Marty and Jill heading over to La Flor while Chase, NaOnka, Alina and Benry hop over to Espada. With that, Probst announces the battle of the ages is over and the Medallion of Power is no longer a factor in the game. MOP, we hardly knew ya! And it doesn't take long for Espada's losing streak to end, as they successfully catch golf balls traveling through a giant Survivor-like Plinko board to win three chickens to bring back to camp.

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