of all the stupid things

Okay I have been watching this series since it began. The petition I saw had over 23k in signatures. We are the tv stations money, so give us what we want. Either another season or a 2 hour tv movie to wrap it up. But stiffing up and saying oh the writer strike is lame. I see many series which survived what are they a weaker tv chanel? Do they need mommy to kiss their boo boos. I am sorry but I am ticked off about this.

I have watch so many good shows get cancelled cause they want to throw up reality shows. Some us dont like to watch that stuff we like good shows like Las Vegas. Seeing Tom Mr. magnem pi back in action was awesome. He has a mystic to him that I could say he is still sexy to this day.

So my last memory will be it ended with blood on her fingers and it said to be continued.. ok you promised us another episode by saying that now deliver. If I was your boss I would fire you for stupidy.

grrrr.. without us the fans you have no shows think that over for a bit.



Default avatar cat
Aug 8, 2008 2:46PM EDT

I have to say that I watched the show from the very beginning and unfortunately, I doubt that that show could have survived. The lead actor got someone Delinda pregnant and not only that was contemplating marriage. Not only that Ed Deline was no longer on the show along with Mary. Let's be real, those two made the show interesting, not Delinda! I'm sorry to say that I was relieved to hear that this show was cancelled, might as well go out now rather than be embarrassed later.

Default avatar cat
Sep 22, 2008 2:55AM EDT

So sad...I didn't think it would last after James Caan left but I still loved the show...What a bad loss....

Large newrachelimage
Sep 22, 2008 3:25AM EDT

I agree that the show overstayed its welcome after James Caan left...but...ending a show that's been on for 5 seasons on a cliffhanger is pretty low, no matter what the circumstances (stupid strike).

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