BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “It’s Not Easy Being Gwen” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN "It’s Not Easy Being Gwen" Episode 29 – After watching this episode ofBen 10: Ultimate Alien, am I the only one that is a little bit concerned that Gwen is on a fast track to a complete psychological melt down? If not now, then a few years from now, probably by the time she’s in college she’ll be in the middle of studying for finals when suddenly her last remaining strand of sanity will snap and she’ll end up running through the dorms with an old pizza box on her head screaming about an alien conspiracy. It seems to always happen to the really brilliant minds and as cool as Gwen seems to be about all the stuff she’s doing right now, she’s going to drive herself insane if she doesn’t take a break. No, it’s not easy being Gwen, but if she doesn’t take it down a notch she’sgoing to find herself in therapy for the next 20 years. As a matter of fact, she should probably be seeing a therapist right now.

The first thing I assume Gwen would talk about to her therapist would be her mother. Gwen’s mom has an unhealthy attitude towards the Tennyson side of the family and constantly seems to look down her nose at everything on her father’s side of the family. It doesn’t seem to matter that Gwen is half Tennyson and is as unusual as they are, she’s more concerned with keeping up appearances than embracing everything that Gwen is. Sure, she’ll have Ben over for dinner, but she won’t have him associating with her family in public because of the embarrassment it would cause. Gwen seems to be bothered by her mother’s attitude towards her dad and their abilities, but Gwen is too polite to fight about it and Gwen’s mother seems too busy to listen anyway. Read More...


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