SYM-BIONIC TITAN “A New Beginning” Review

SYM-BIONIC TITAN "A New Beginning" Episode 20 – While this final episode of Sym-Bionic Titandidn’t wrap up every open story line, it did a great job of wrapping up this most recent plot line with Octus, Ilana and Lance.

The battle scenes in this episode were absolutely epic. The animation throughout was impeccable and it looked like no detail was spared in movement or design. The battle between General Steel’s troops and the G3 forces reminded me a bit of the battle on Galaluna with people on both sides being hit and falling over a pointless battle. In the middle of such an intense scene, it was a funny touch to watch Lance and Ilana easily obliterate the massive fighter jets but only in a way that would allow the pilots to escape without harm.

General Steel looked particularly ugly in this episode. His wrinkles and sunspots seemed darker and more hideous than I had noticed previously and his teeth seemed like they needed a good brushing. "The Hammer" jokes return with General Steel in his H.M.E.R., although they’re more subtle than they were last week. My favorite Steel line this week was when he shouted at the Mutraddi monster "You can’t touch this!" which instantly got the M.C. Hammer song stuck in my head. Thanks for that, General Steel. Read More...


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