CAMELOT “Guinevere” Review

CAMELOT Episode 3 Review – What I learned from the episode "Guinevere" of CAMELOT – an essay (sort of):

A.) I do not know as much about the King Arthur legend as I thought. I understand that there isn’t one difinitive telling of the story, and what Camelot is is just another version. Still means I thought I knew a lot about it that I really didn’t.

B.) Guinevere was not the pure chaste little thing I thought she was! I need to pull out my books and read up on her again.

C.) Morgan is probably my favorite character that I’ve seen in a TV show in a long time.

That being said in this week’s "Guinevere", Guinevere’s lands are attacked and she retreats with her cousin and father to Camelot. Leontes asks the king if the three can stay, and against Merlin’s initial response, Arthur agrees.

Mainly because he’s in love with Guinevere and why not have her under the same roof? It comes back to him, however, when Merlin suggests having Leontes and Guinevere’s wedding at Camelot. Arthur isn’t thrilled, but what can he do? Read More...


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