Camelot: "Guinevere" Review

After receiving an invitation from Morgan to meet with her at the Pendragon family Castle, Arthur and a reluctant Merlin decide to entertain her request. After seeing so much uncertainty in Arthur in the first two hours, here we're already starting to see signs of cockiness from the young King. He's self-assured and decides to meet with Morgan against obvious better judgment considering that she was trying to have him killed not so long ago. Merlin isn't too pleased with the new King's attitude either, citing that it was he who gave Arthur this opportunity. Another reminder that Merlin is really the one who is in control and that he's acting on a plan that we know nothing about yet. While I can understand Arthur's gullibility when presented with Morgan's invitation, I was a little surprised that Merlin let his guard down while in her presence. Specifically, when he's drinking her wine late at night. Everything that we've seen of this Merlin so far tells us that he's always on guard. Always. He slips a little here and it immediately feels like a situation in which the writer was forced to change the character to service the plot, and that's always going to stick out. It did give him an opportunity to see that it was Morgan who killed Uther, so at least there was something to be gained.  Read More...


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