House: Olivia Wilde returns as Thirteen -- so where was she?


Olivia Wilde returned to House as Thirteen on Monday (April 11) -- and in addition to lending her expertise in physics to House, she explained her long absence from Princeton Plainsboro.In real life, Wilde was filming a pair of movies during her time away. On the show, Thirteen has been doing time for much of the time since we last saw her, and House (Hugh Laurie) is there to pick her up when shes set free. What follows is a slightly form-breaking episode -- House and Thirteen are off on a road trip while the rest of the team deals with its case of the week. Yet even while House and Thirteen were off trying to beat a punk teenager in a potato-gun competition, House was putting his diagnostic skills to use. One of his core principles has always been everybody lies, and it was clear that Thirteen was lying (or at least leaving out...


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