'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6, Episode 20 Recap

When one of your favorite shows comes back from a multi-week break, you usually like to see them come back with a bang. Well, this week, 'HIMYM' came back more with a chuckle than a guffaw. But it was still an interesting episode, if only because it gave us the opportunity to see Lily in a light that we really haven't seen her in since she buggered off to San Francisco to "find herself" at the end of season 1.
(Wow, it was that long ago? A lot of stuff happened in that first season, didn't it?)
We also got to see the depth -- or lack thereof -- of Barney's emotions in the wake of reuniting with his father, an extremely supportive and clever Robin, and we also see that the idea of "graduation goggles" doesn't just extend to the last semester of high school.



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