Lucky 13

Whats your thoughts on lucky 13?

I thought it was really good, as like the rest of season 5.

I think house needs someone to love in his life, hes so focused on everyone else cus he doesn't have his own life.

Theres always been a weird tension between him and cuddy and maybe his reaction to cuddys adoption news may make him leap into action...that doesn't sound like him at all..!

That investigator guy is annoying me though, he serves no purpose in the episodes.

Glad season 5 has gone into the teams personal life and hopefully we will see more of cameron and chase's relationship.




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Oct 22, 2008 9:17PM EDT

They aren't making a very smooth transition with moving the PI out - if he does get a "spinoff," it'd be nice if they hadn't just put him in a lot in place of Wilson, then once Wilson was back in, barely have the PI in the story - especially with this new Cuddy issue of having a baby when last we checked, she was kind of dating the PI, which you'd think would somehow factor in to baby decisions. I guess we'll see, but I would like to see something happen with House and Cuddy any way about it!

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Oct 25, 2008 3:14AM EDT

I actually kind of liked Lucas. It originally looked like he was going to be taking the place of Wilson as House's new friend. But that was when I thought that Wilson was actually gone for good. I like Wilson, but I could just as easily have imagined him not being there anymore after the season premiere.
I doubt they'll actually do something with House and Cuddy, but I've been wrong about these things before, so I'll wait and see. I'm hoping they don't. I don't watch the show for the romance; I watch it for the laughs. House/Cuddy relationship coming together, not as funny sounding as House continuing to jerk her, and everyone else, around.

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