MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “The Buddy System” Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT "The Buddy System" Season 2 Episode 13 – I enjoyed tonight’s MAKE IT OR BREAK IT much more than last week’s episode. "The Buddy System" still finds the girls buried in their own problems. They come up for air just long enough to remind us they are still on the same team, or whatever is left of the team.

Coach Darby’s bright idea: Emily, Lauren, and Payson swap routines with one another. Emily (or Em, as Darby calls her) gets stuck working with Darby. Underneath it all, Darby is more rational than her outward "be at peace with yourself and the world" ways. She tells Emily to pull it together because she is running out of chances. Emily struggles with her confining rules, her separation from Damon, and learning her mom works at a strip club. Although driven by fear, her whining is uncharacteristic, since she has always been the one telling the others to suck it up. She said herself that gymnastics and the Olympics are her dreams. Shouldn’t she focus and do what she needs to do and get back on the team? She’s young and has plenty of time for love later. Read More...


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