THE BORGIAS “The Moor” Review

THE BORGIAS "The Moor" Season 1 Episode 3 – First thing is first: how awesome is that opening title sequence? A supreme mash of sex and blood which sets us up for an episode filled with…well, not quite as much blood and sex as the opening title sequence would suggest.

The Tudors also had this problem. These eras in history make for a delicious read, but when they’re stretched out over the course of a television series the taste quickly becomes bland. Two people talking to one another have made for the best sort of entertainment, but it can also be dreadfully dull without the key ingredient: tension.

The problem we have here is that these characters are unable to shake off their historical shadows: we’re not rooting for Cesare on that television show on Showtime. We’re rooting for Cesare from fifteenth century Italy, if even. Many people compare The Borgias to The Tudors, but really it should be likened more to Deadwood or I, Claudius. The latter takes one character, Claudius, and presents everything from his point of view which affords us the chance to root for Claudius and share in his gleeand despair when horrible things happen to those he despise or cares about. The former took place in another century, involving real, historical characters, and created a story about moral corruption, chaos and isolation. Read More...


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