House! Finale Episode BLEW.ME.AWAY

The last episode was truly amazing, the twist was totally out of the blew although i know that it would of taken took him longer to detox from vicodin than 1 day.

I would have loved it to be true it was so nice to not see him popping the pills every five mins.

I think the move to the physc ward is the best move, hes volunteered to go so obviously he really means business and hopefully he will be back practicing medicine again, just wondering how the writers will fit that in to the storyline.

Loved the wedding scene, im so glad they finally stop messing about and tied the knot.

its a total waste that the Huddy hook up wasnt real, id love for him to be that happy about something, but the turn around was soo good!

Loved seeing amber and kutner although not sure why they randomly jumped into Houses thoughts.

Loved the episode, loved the whole season its has truly been immense to watch and i cant wait for season 6, anyone know when its back? :]


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