Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff" Review

This Chuck got off to a shaky start. I don't know how to put my finger on it exactly, but the pacing felt off in the first third or so of the episode and there were some moments early on that drew me out of it on a technical level: One was the editing/continuity snafu of Morgan's magical disappearing apron (he must have whipped that thing off when it cut to Chuck for a few seconds) and the other was the frequent use of quick zooms in the scene in which Chuck met with Vivian – perhaps it was meant to increase the tension, but it just didn't feel like it was natural to this show's style. 

Thankfully, things picked up considerably as the episode went along – I'd say the turning point was the scene in which Chuck was sent in to meet with the pirates. The way Chuck's big announcement that he worked for Alexei Volkoff immediately led to a bunch of guns pulled on him was funny, as was not only Chuck asking to play Uno (for his life), but that the pirate did indeed have the game.  Read More...


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