Jamie Oliver Talks 'Food Revolution' Backlash, Season 2 Shake-Up (VIDEO)

Chef Jamie Oliver has made it his mission to revolutionize the way Americans eat. Americans, it seems, just aren't that open to change. Shocker.
That resistance made for a tough battle while Oliver was shooting season 2 of his Emmy-winning reality show 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' (premieres Tuesday, April 12, 8PM ET on ABC), in Los Angeles this year.
Long story short, Oliver was determined to shake up L.A. school district cafeterias, but the district banned him (banned!), forcing him to get creative with how to get his message to kids and parents.
And that he did, opening up a demo kitchen to the public, working the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and cruising around the city in a food truck designed for mobile healthy eating education.
I caught up with Oliver to hear about his struggle, the bigger issue of the public having no control over "public" things and how much fun he had tackling the challenges, shunning the system and working around their ridiculous ban.



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