'Hawaii Five-O' 1.20 'Ma Ke Kahahei' Review

Hawaii Five-O has come and gone recently (the last time the show aired consecutive episodes was February 14 and 21!) .

Steve and Danny come across a dead guy on their day trip. As if that's not bad enough, Steve gets a boulder in the face, and breaks his arm in the resulting fall. As someone who's actually had both those things happen to them (though not at the same time), I can say they both hurt a lot. While I was appreciating Vicodin, though, Steve's analyzing the crime scene. I give props to the writers for being willing to significantly injure the lead character. (Now we see if he's still recovering next week, or will somehow become magically healed.) At the same time, it's kind of cool that he's no less effective even while injured. Read More...



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