'The Chicago Code' 1.08 'Wild Onions' Review

It feels awesome to have The Chicago Code back with new episodes. (Even though I watched the last two weeks of reruns anyway.) While the trailer played up that this episode is set during a heat wave, that really just provided the backdrop for solid stories for each of our characters this week. No games, no gimmicks, just good TV.

I find it adorable that Jarek is picking up Teresa every morning to drive her to work. They clearly deserve each other, and I mean that as high praise. He's handpicked some potential new drivers for her, and she finally picks one - ex-Marine Ray Bidwell (Warren Kole). When there's a robbery call in their vicinity, Teresa decides they'll take care of it. "Do I look like I wanna wait in the car?" she tells Ray, shortly before defusing the situation. (Best. Boss. Ever.) Though she's reluctant to warm to Ray, he proves himself more than capable as an equal partner to her, if not in title than in personality, at least. I love their final scene together, as Ray calls Teresa out on selecting him because he was the only candidate without a spouse or children. He knows she's afraid to do damage to another family. Now she has a chance to move forward past her grief. I still miss Antonio, but Ray won me over with that speech of his, and I think that his relationship with Teresa is going to be plenty interesting. Read More...



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