Revamped 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' Still Underwhelms

The show decided to bring back some of the hallmarks of the franchise, including an opening narration and title sequence, but they're not great. The theme was so quiet that I had to listen closely to even follow it, not like the distinctive themes from the previous editions, and the title sequence was a slow-motion affair that felt overdone. Both failed to evoke the fondness of their predecessors. And a theme and title sequence, even if done well, couldn't make up for the flaws in the series itself.

The first episode, "Zuma Canyon," was the last for Skeet Ulrich as Detective Rex Winters. Killing him would have been a lot more effective if we hadn't known that it was coming for the last two weeks. As it is, it was hard not to watch Ulrich's final performance without constantly thinking that he was soon to be bumped off. When it comes to killing off main characters, Southland did much better when it said goodbye to Nate Moretta (Kevin Alejandro) - not only was it not promoted, it was a gut-wrenching hour of drama. Winters' death was spoiled long ago, and it wasn't particularly gripping, besides. And while cop killer episodes are usually some of a show's best, "Zuma Canyon" was pretty much another story about Mexican gangs, with predictable beats like the murdered witness and the political red tape. Read More...


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