'Happy Endings' review: Haven't we met before?


Give or take a summer burnoff of NBC's "Friends With Benefits," "Happy Endings" will be the last of the spate of ensemble relationship comedies to premiere this season.We'd like to say ABC saved the best for last. But really, the show is no better or worse than "Perfect Couples," "Mad Love" or "Traffic Light." Which is to say it's populated with likable actors and rarely out-and-out bad, but it's also never much more than mildly amusing. It's the kind of show where jokes are more likely to elicit a response of "Hmm -- that's funny" than an actual laugh.That's a bit of a shame, because "Happy Endings" actually may have the most promising setup of the lot: Alex (Elisha Cuthbert, "24") and Dave (Zachary Knighton, "FlashForward") have been together forever, but on their wedding day, her percolating second thoughts burst forth and she leaves him at the altar. They and their closest friends then try...



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