‘The Good Wife,’ Season 2, Episode 20, ‘Foreign Affairs’: TV Recap

In a dazzling set of developments that make the "Foreign Affairs" episode a standout, Alicia finds out about Peter and Kalinda’s fling just as the Florrick family seems to be approaching stability. On a lighter note, the writers have some fun recruiting former Senator and "Law and Order" regular Fred Dalton Thompson to play an actor turned lawyer who throws a Lockhart, Gardner case into chaos.

While touring a suburban house Peter wants her to think about buying (even though she’s made it fairly clear she doesn’t want to return to the whole suburban lifestyle), Alicia is interrupted by a frenzied series of phone calls. First, Eli wants her to consider giving an interview about her marriage—Wendy Scott-Carr’s husband plans to do one, scoring major points for his wife. Alicia stands firm: No, she will not. Then Andrew Wiley phones, wanting to discuss another SA investigation. She gives him the brush off. Next up: Natalie Flores, former illegal nanny to Scott-Carr, who is now helping Alicia translate some contracts. "I know I’m just an intern here," Natalie apologizes, but she has found some mistranslations in documents she was not told to review. Alicia has no patience to listen. But finally, Will calls and asks her to come to the office right away. Their client has had a heart attack, but wants them to continue depositions in his suit. Read More...



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