MARCEL’S QUANTUM KITCHEN "Sink or Swim" Episode 4 – Marcel and his team are hired to produce a luau celebration for Steve Waldon the "father of the modern long board" surf board on this weeks MARCEL’S QUANTUM KITCHEN. The problems erupt from the very beginning when Robyn takes a huge risk and tries to explain to Marcel that Jarrid and Devon are still smarting from what happened during the last party. Marcel’s team is at the point of "Sink or Swim". After a "family" meeting, Marcel thinks all is well, but his team is less convinced and they head into the menu planningwith falsely bright smiles painted on their faces.

The menu itself will comprise traditional Hawaiian dishes done Marcel style, including poi, taro chips, a "fauxconut" and short ribs cooked on stones. The stones prove to be the first amusing mishap when Marcel tries to heat one on the top of the stove and it explodes. A quarry rock heated in the oven works better and he moves on to volcanoes that erupts pineapple sauce. Oh, and then the temper tantrumsstart. Marcel’s cunning plan to make edible shells to serve opike (a Hawaiian delicacy) doesn’t go as planned and he loses it. The volcano isn’t going so well either. Read More...


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