NCIS “Dead Reflection” Review

NCIS "Dead Reflection" Season 8 Episode 21 – Alright, so after taking the advice of one of my fine readers last week, I’ve decided to pretty much take anything that might be interpreted as Tiva-oriented and instead view it as friends-worried-about-each-other. This made for a much more pleasant viewing experience and I think that was also helped along by the fact that there was a lot of stuff going on in this one.

One thing I found very interesting was that Gibbs waited for Tony to come to him about the whole EJ thing. We saw last week that he had no qualms about going to EJ and telling her to back off. But rather than tracking Tony down and disciplining him like a little boy, Gibbs let his Senior Field Agent come to him so that they could discuss it. I also found it very interesting that they really didn’t solve anything by having that conversation, though I think that both came out of it still respecting the other. It made me realize that we’ve never really had Tony and Gibbs at odds with each other for longer than the span of one episode and it feels strange for them to be in (as Tony put it) a rough patch. But the angst-lover in me is eating it up with a spoon and I can’t wait for more juicy scenes to come between them. Read More...


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