Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 3

Jericho 1x03 "Four Horsemen".jpg

According to a caption, the episode begins 18 hours after the bombs had exploded. Robert Hawkins is shown donning a yellow NBC suit and gas mask. Stepping out into the rain, he attends to a cache of M4 Carbines and other supplies, moving a single barrel from a storage unit to a large U-Haul rental truck. The truck bears Kansas license plate KVJ 572.

At the Richmond farm, Stanley finally shows up, to his sister's relief. He tells Jake about seeing a group of tanks headed west on Interstate 70 toward Denver, Colorado, but he also reveals that he had to trek for twenty minutes through the rain, potentially exposing himself to a high dose of radiation (Treating him with Iodine). Meanwhile, one of the citizens who took refuge in the salt mine begins to act restless: Scott Rennie, a co-worker and friend of Heather, suffers a claustrophobic panic attack. Gray and his friend Shep try to calm him down as he pleads to be let outside.

The rain clears, and people begin to come out of the shelters. Jake and a team of firefighters breach the blocked opening of the mine and bring out the survivors. Heather discovers that Scott is dead from an apparent heart attack, but begins to suspect foul play and begs Shep for more information. Jake and Bonnie are glad to find that Stanley has apparently suffered no ill effects from being caught in the rain.

With news of the tanks heading toward Denver, and new information being scarce, Jake devises a plan to send out parties in all four directions to try establish contact with any survivors. Gray half-jokingly calls the scouts The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their planning is temporarily interrupted as the satellite television in the local bar receives a weak signal from a Mandarin Chinese news program that reveals some of the extent of the nuclear explosions in the United States. A map graphic behind the broadcaster bears red circles marking the cities of Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, what appears through the static to be Seattle, and either New York City or Philadelphia. After a few seconds, the signal is lost. Read More...


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