Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 4

Jericho 1x04 "The Walls of Jericho".jpg

A caption states that the episode takes place "4 days after the bombs, 1 day after the fallout has cleared."

The patrons of the bar are watching the weak signal and distorted picture on the satellite television. It plays only a short loop of video showing fires burning and amateur footage of people trying to escape destruction, presumably that of the nuclear attacks. Eric and Jake discuss whether the footage is from the Midwest, as Hawkins watches on, grimly observing that whoever shot the video is probably dead. Deciding what city it may be, Mary draws a question mark over Cincinnati on a map of the United States, just as the generator runs out of gas, shutting down the bar. Eric promises her that he will find more gas.

As Jake leaves the bar, he finds Heather in the street outside and offers to walk her home. They hear breaking glass and discover that someone has broken into the pharmacy. Jake sends Heather to get help and then finds a man, presumably the intruder, suffering from third-degree burns and weakened by radiation poisoning. At the medical clinic, the man identifies himself as Victor Miller and warns that something or someone is coming before he falls into unconsciousness. Read More...


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