Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 5

As dawn breaks, Jake, Eric, Mimi, Stanley, and a deputy are gathered in Mary's bar. They have been up all night playing cards. During some light conversation, Mimi notes the stillness of the town and how it unsettles her. Jake sympathizes, confessing that it was one reason for his leaving -- but Jimmy chimes in, offering to reveal the actual reason Jake left. Jake stops him. Confident in her ability to read people, Mimi offers her own speculation of why Jake left -- that he ran from the pressure of being a popular and athletic youth. The guys laugh knowingly and tell her she’s way off the mark, hinting that he was a notorious screw-up.

Mary steps aside with Eric to speak privately about the status of their plan. With their hands lingering in a subtle caress, Eric assures her that he'll talk to April that evening about ending their marriage. Mimi and Jake observe their visible chemistry from afar.

Suddenly the electricity comes back on and telephones all over town start ringing. They deliver a recorded message from Assistant Secretary Walsh of the Department of Homeland Security telling everyone to remain calm and that help is on the way. TheEmergency Alert System is put into place as televisions display a message ordering citizens to stand by for further instructions.

At an internet café, Skylar tries unsuccessfully to check her email for any messages from her parents. Allison assists her and discovers that the government has blocked all IP addresses on the internet.

Jake, weary from lack of sleep, checks in with his father and Eric. They decide to attempt telephone contact with the National Guard base in Great Bend as soon as the lines free up. With the situation pretty much stable for the time being, Jake decides to head home. Read More...


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